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IT PROvocator

IT PROvocator is a company entirely focused on IT recruitment. Our main goal is to identify the right people and to match the best working environment for them and their development. For us this is the success algorithm for achieving professional satisfaction and long-term dedication.

We could cooperate with you in this “win-win” game for the establishment of the most powerful strategy for your sustainable business.

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For the Business

In 2016 over 60% of the IT companies in Bulgaria reported utmost deficit in specialists for their business. Is YOUR company part of this statistics? How many professionals did you fail to employ through the last year in order to complete your projects? How many specialists quit and weaken your teams?

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For the People

You are a developer, administrator, QA or another specialist in the IT world today. For sure you have encountered the concept of “unlimited opportunities” ahead of you, we are certain that your inbox is filled with job offers and even your friends try to recommend you at IT companies.

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