About us

IT PROvocator is a company entirely focused on IT recruitment. Our main goal is to identify the right people and to match the best working environment for them and their development. For us this is the success algorithm for achieving professional satisfaction and long-term dedication. We could cooperate with you in this “win-win” game for the establishment of the most powerful strategy for your sustainable business.

With more than 5 years of experience entirely in the IT industry we’ve had the opportunity to gain practice in various recruitment strategies, processes, specialists and companies on different stages of their development. Our expertise in the sector made us aware of its advantages and disadvantages and the way we could improve them.

By launching IT PROvocator services we aim to present to your company beneficial services, featuring IT recruitment and consultancy practices, in-depth understanding of the business needs and its specifics.

The successful cooperation with your company could lead to achieving one ultimate goal – on one hand to hire IT professionals, dedicated to YOUR business and company and on the other hand – to create working environment which would support and reveal IT specialists’ skills and achieve the feeling of “being on the right place at the right time”. Our goal is to be an active part in this relationship, to manage and cooperate every stage of the career development for both the company and the IT professionals.