Thanks to the cooperation with our partners from “Bulgarsko Imane”(Bulgarian treasure), we are organizing a brand new type of adventure which will overhaul the concept of treasure hunt, team entertainment and logical tasks solving.

Appropriate for small, medium and large enterprises the games of “Bulgarsko Imane” target towards ICT companies, which count on the strong logical preparation of their experts. If you want to offer your teams intriguing logical puzzles, beneficial teamwork and many hours of innovative puzzles, “Bulgarsko Imane” is what you need. With the adventures of “Bulgarsko Imane” you get:

  • Adapted games according to the needs of every company
  • Game duration between 2 and 30 days; the engagement levels are defined by you
  • Logical riddles and interaction with the environment
  • Each puzzle can be modeled according to your preferences and even your company’s values

The treasures could be everywhere around us. The key to finding them can be hidden in the city parks and garden, around National Palace of Culture, other cities in Bulgaria, at your office or even on your corporate website.

Everything you need to do is to charge your smartphone’s battery, download the custom-made Android application and try to solve all puzzles, which will bring you to the final goal – the Treasure. Our approach is individual towards every game, company, team and person, so that the adventures could always be different.