This year again the IT companies in Bulgaria reported a deficit in specialists for their businesses. Is YOUR company part of this statistics? How many professionals did you fail to employ throughout last year in order to complete your projects? How many specialists quit and weaken your teams?

Regardless of your company’s size; no matter if you are developing a product, IT service or if you maintain or integrate software solutions, we are sure you already feel that your business is suffering from the lack of good professionals. Probably you do not have the necessary time to develop, optimize or integrate your software product or service because you invest your energy in the constant race for better specialists.

We can offer you an approach, which will lead to providing suitable IT professionals for your business needs. Our services and know-how are based on:

  • Identify and attract the most suitable match for your business and hiring needs;
  • Optimize your business time – you will meet only with the good fit for your company;
  • In-depth understanding of the technology stack, business and people needs;
  • Brand management – we know how to attract the candidates for you;
  • Competitive advantage – speeding up the recruitment process and full support till successful hires.
  • Long-term retention of the hired candidates’ at your company due to the successful match between the candidates needs and the business needs;
  • Market review;