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You are a developer, administrator, QA or another specialist in the IT world today. For sure you have encountered the concept of “unlimited opportunities” ahead of you, we are certain that your inbox is filled with job offers and even your friends are trying to refer you to IT companies.

However, we are convinced that in some cases you are in the “catch 22” and you just cannot find the “right” offer or maybe you feel lost choosing without having enough information about the position, company, projects, teams etc. Of course, you are aware that there are many career opportunities but how many of them really fulfill your potential, skills, interests and professional plans? Maybe you are no longer satisfied and you feel like “running in place” not growing as a specialist.

If this is the case with you then now is the right time for a professional change. Have you thought about what would be the best choice for you?

Through a consulting methodology, deep understanding and enough information, we can provide you with the essential information in order to make the right choice for your career development.

Our service is based on the personal approach and is focused on:

  • Deep understanding of your interests and skills;
  • Discussing only the suitable opportunities and companies which would lead to your professional growth and satisfaction;
  • Accurate and clear market information which would save you time and energy for prolonged research;
  • “Speaking the same language”;
  • Be part of your professional steps on every stage of your journey;
  • Career consulting;